Wall Board is No Lath and Plaster

We’ve never been big fans of drywall. It may install quickly and cheaply, but just doesn’t have any of the characteristics of an old plaster and lath wall. But I digress and for a laundry room and powder room, we will make do. Once the inspection of the framing, electrical and plumbing was complete, we kept moving on at lightening speed compared to the previous phases.

The insulation that was used was Corning’s EcoTouch, certified by GreenGuard and formaldehyde free. But it did release a lot of fibers and dust into the air.

"Green" Certified Fiberglass Insulation Ceiling Insulation Laundry Insulation Powerd Room Insulation Ceiling Wall Board

Dnagerous Propane HeaterThe guys brought with them a heater since we are now down in the teens for daytime highs. This big metal contraption with enormous flame inside was linked to a hose and propane tank. They spent two days in that room with all doors and windows closed and that thing running with no ventilation, and doing the insulation with all the fiberglass and paper lying all around was nerve wracking. Every time I went I to check on progress when they were on a break I hyperventilated because there was NO oxygen in there at all. How they worked like that is beyond me. But it is done and we made sure they took their heater with them and we replaced it with a safer electric heater.

Next the drywall went up and the guys spent a couple days smoothing out the joints and nail and screw heads and created a very nice smooth surface. Still no lath and plaster, but will do for our purpose as we plan to do a 3/4 wall wainscot and maybe wallpaper above. It is really all taking great shape now and finally getting near to the end of the project for the crew. Then we can take over to work our magic. We chose not to do a turn key project, not only for budgetary reasons, but so we can put our own touches on the project.

Finsihed Entry Drywall Finished Laundry Drywall Finsihed Mudroom Drywall Finished Powder Room Drywall Finished Window Wall Drywall

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