Trimming the Mudroom

Because of an ice storm the crew that is building the laundry and powder room addition to The Old House couldn’t get their truck up our narrow and windy alley into the driveway. So they had to bring it the front way up our very steep street to unload all of the trim boards and doors. The trim work, in fact all of the work, our builder has done has been exceptional with great attention paid to the details. The trim is plain, simple and yet elegant. They worked hard to match it as close as possible to the existing trim in the dining and living rooms that weren’t 50s-ized in the 1950s. While we had no interior photos of the house before it was remodeled in the 1950s, we oddly enough had photos of other houses of the same style and age in the the neighborhood to guide us. The four-panel door to the powder room is the style that was original to the house. The interior doors are wonderfully constructed out of solid wood and very heavy.

I had opted to do the painting myself and only had two days to squeeze in priming between the finishing of the drywall and installing of the trim. We normally use Mythic Paint because it’s non-toxic, very low odor and doesn’t adversely affect any of us who have chemical sensitivities. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough primer onĀ  hand and no time to order it. So I had to resort to using Sherwin Williams’ All Purpose Primer. It is now billed as being GreenGaurd and LEED certified, however it is still one of the strongest smelling primers I’ve ever used. It did dry nearly odorless however and did an excellent job at priming the drywall. We will be using Mythic for the rest of the painting over the next few days while we wait for the flooring to be installed.

Delievery the Trim Trim Around the Back Door Backdoor and Powder Room Door Trim Trimming the Old Back Door Opening The Laundry Alcove Window Trim Was Matched to Existing Trim Finely Crafted Solid Wood Door Four-Panel Solid Wood Door

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