Painting and Papering in Winter

Because of chemically sensitive family members, we never considered painting or wallpapering during winter before because of not being able to ventilate. Building the addition during winter and being able to separate it from the house allowed us to experiment for the first time. With so many great “green” products on the market now, it was something we had wanted to try for several years. And I must say that there are no more reasons to wait until summer to paint!

We love Mythic Paint and have used it for a few years. It is extremely high quality paint that is non toxic and covers beautifully. The odor is very low while applying and gone when dry. We chose to use Whispering Wind for the top part of the walls and decided to to do a faux wainscot below, using Martha Stewart’s beadboard wallpaper. The look is amazing and people have been shocked to learn that it’s wallpaper. The only drawback is that it does ding very easily. But the time and money savings were worth it.

Whispering Wind Paint Color Martha Stewart Beadboard Wallpaper

Since we are appropriately hydrangead all around the outside of The Old House, we felt it only fitting that the mudroom/entry should be the same. So we choose a lovely hydrangea wallpaper border to bring the outside in.

Hydrangea Wallpaper Boarder Beadboard Wainscot

It took some time and debating about what to do with the doors. Do we want to paint them white or do we want to stain them? And it was left until the very last thing to do, even after we started decorating, when it became clear staining was a must.  It provided the perfect contrast and helped to tie the addition in to the older part of the house.

Not wasting anytime, the old laundry equipment was quickly brought in as soon as the plumbing was hooked up! We built shelves above the laundry area and painted them Irish Countryside to match the kitchen cabinets. We were very lucky to find a surplus supply of the same vintage iron brackets we used in the kitchen 20 years ago!

Stained Four-Panel Doors Shelves With Vintage Iron Brackets

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