Easter Cookie Pots

To do something a little different for Easter, we grew pots of rye grass and then inserted sugar cookies that we baked on bamboo skewers into the pots to create a “blooming pot of flowers.”

Clay pots
Potting soil
Rye grass seed
Sugar cookie dough and icing
Bamboo skewers
Cellophane treat bags
Ribbon or twist ties

About three weeks before Easter, plant rye grass in new clay pots and grow on the windowsill. Once the grass begins to grow, trim with scissors to keep to a nice height until you are ready to insert your cookie pops.

Roll your sugar cookies extra thick, cut out and place on a baking sheet. Press a bamboo skewer lightly into them before baking. The skewer will bake into the dough, giving you a cookie on a stick.

Ice the cooled cookies and wrap in a cellophane bag and close tightly with ribbon or a twist tie and “plant” in the pots.

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  1. alexa says:

    These look so sweet! Thank you for our Easter gift inspiration!

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