Designing a New Arbor

OnePlan for New Arbor thing became clear while building the addition on to The Old House was that the arbor we built eleven years ago had seen better days. It had succumbed to the pressure of the trumpet vine pulling it in one direction and rotting posts giving way in another.

We weren’t sure what to do for a covered area at the back door, but as the addition began to take shape so did the idea for making the arbor larger and creating a wrap-around effect. Each arbor we’ve built has gotten significantly larger and more elaborate, and this one is fitting true to form. As this one will be the first built by professionals, it will be sturdy and have slightly better architectural details. It’s somewhat nerve wracking to convey your vision to someone else to build and stand back and let them do the work, but I took pencil to hand and sketched the builders my ideas.

ISkecth of New Arbort will begin with rebuilding the existing arbor, but extending the rafters towards the addition to cover the area that used to be the planter bed behind the farm bell. This will make an alcove for a larger potting bench.

Next, a new arbor will be built over the new concrete sidewalk. A section of it will be covered with a greenhouse-grade polycarbonate roof to allow light to shine through yet provide cover for coming and going.


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