Clapping That the Clapboards Are Done

Getting the clapboard siding done and sealing up all the cracks and crevices on the addition to The Old House couldn’t get done soon enough. As we moved into the dead of Winter, the temperature took a quick turn down to zero and single digits. Despite the bitter cold and an ice and snow storm, the guys worked daily to get the clapboards installed. It was a very tedious and time consuming operation.

The Clapboard Delivery Cutting the Exterior Trim Boards

Drafty Gaps Between Barn BoardsAs the temperature dropped, we discovered a problem. The house became extremely drafty, well more drafty than usual. The wind was actually blowing down the stairway and standing there it felt like the AC was blowing on you! The entire house became frigid and no room was spared the waft of cold air. The problem started right after insulation and drywall was completed. It was traced back to the attic space above the addition. We discovered wind coming in from the gable vent was entering gaps in the house’s barn board sheathing and penetrating the interior wall through cracks in the plaster and gaps in the stairs and trim work. The pencil-wide gaps in the barn board sheathing were never filled or sealed. So one of the skinniest workmen climbed through the gable vent opening and sealed everything . What a huge difference that made. Here you can see a cutaway section of the problem on the exterior, which continued inside under the roof line.

Setting up the Clapboard Install Installing the Clapboards  The Finished Clapboard Siding Completed Clapboards

We’re not sure why they used a gray primer, but once it’s painted out in the house’s Navaho White and Rambling Rose colors, it will look perfect. We can’t wait until the arbor is completed and the shutters for the window arrive. We had them custom made by Shuttercraft to match the rest of the shutters on the house, that were made by them a little over fifteen year ago.


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