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Building a Green Vacation Home

Kiawah Green House

Kiawah Island is one of the most beautiful ocean side towns in the country with pristine beaches and miles of breathtaking natural landscape that serve as sanctuary to a diverse wildlife population. No wonder it is one of the most … Continue reading

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Getting a New Roof

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We put off getting a new roof far too long. We knew it was going to be a big project with lots of trouble and it did not disappoint. The project began just as Hurricane Irene was ready to pounce. We made it through with minimal damage but once the old roofing materials were removed, much was revealed.

The roof was completely replaced in the 1980s when it was switched from slate to asphalt shingles. What we did not know was the inferior work that was done. Incorrect placement of the sheathing gave explanation to a number of interior problems we faced over the years that were a mystery. Sheets of plywood should be staggered, unlike what we found, including a huge gap that ran up the entire rear roof.

The sheathing had to be completely replaced. An older part of the roof was also nothing more than wood planks (the same that are on some of our floors) that were very rotten. We opted for the Timberline HD line of shingles in barkwood brown to give the appearance of cedar shakes and to make the house blend more with the natural landscape and the surrounding woodland.

The shingles are designed with Advanced Protection® technology, to minimize the use of natural resources and provide superior protection. The green technology combined with a new attic venting system has made the new roof significantly more efficient, stronger and environmentally friendly than the old one.


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Organic Rose Spray

Here’s an organic spray we’ve had success in using to control insect damage and blackspot on our roses. You can use just the insect spray alone or add baking soda to control disease and even liquid fertilizer to feed all in one application. Spray your roses every two weeks or after a heavy rainfall, being sure to cover the undersides of the leaves as well as the tops. Continue reading

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Organic Insecticide, Fungicide and Fertilizer

If you’ve ever tasted an apple or a tomato from an organic garden as opposed to the chemically enhanced and managed produce found in grocery stores, you know there is no comparison. Just as in naturally managing insects and pests around your home or person, herbs can be used successfully in keeping the bad bugs out of the garden as well. Continue reading

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