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2010 Total Lunar Eclipse

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The full Oak Moon has risen and the total eclipse has occurred! What a solstice eve this was and with my new Canon G12, I had a blast taking pictures despite the frigid temperatures and high wind. The converging of the Full Oak moon, the Winter Solstice and total lunar eclipse only occurs once every 300+ years so it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Ice Moon of February

For those in cold climates, the Ice Moon is aptly named for February where winter seems to be relentless in presenting one storm of frozen precipitation after another. The energy of these storms can be a clue to the great energy that is also beginning to swirl beyond our sight. The February moon is also known as the quickening moon, for it seems that daylight is increasing at an incredible rate and in the light of the sun’s massing power ice and snow from winter storms doesn’t persist as long after storms have passed. Continue reading

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Wolf Moon January

January’s Wolf Moon calls to mind our wolf brothers and sisters whose howl in the silence of moonlit Winter stirs us. As people huddled around the hearth to remain warm at this, the coldest time of Winter, the wolf could be heard howling in the distance as he came closer to man in search of food. The approach of the wolf rouses us from our quiet and contemplative time of inner work that has been our focus. Continue reading

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