Beaded Christmas Ornaments

You can’t imagine how addicting working with beads and other minute items can be unless you’ve actually tried it! Beading is an obsession from the moment you pick up the first bead and the first pin. Here are some of the ornaments we’ve made over the years. Some are from kits, others are our own creation. One of the ornaments has more than a thousand hand-strung glass beads that completely cover the ball.

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4 Responses to Beaded Christmas Ornaments

  1. Anne says:

    Where can I get patterns of your lovely bead baubles

  2. Tim says:

    Most of the ornaments were inspired by an exquisite ornament kit catalog (and some are actual kits from that catalog too). You can find them at

  3. Wow! It’s really nice one. Beautiful and elegance!

  4. sharon cunningham says:

    Where can I get patterns for the beaded ornaments? thanks sharon

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