Autumn Dept. 56 Displays

At one time Dept. 56 houses were just for Christmas, but with the introduction of the Haunted Mansion into Snow Village, a whole new holiday was targeted for haunting. In our fall displays we combine pieces from Dickens’ Village and Snow Village to make frightful scenes.

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7 Responses to Autumn Dept. 56 Displays

  1. Danielle says:

    please contact me via email….would love to know where you purchased your displays….they look amazing!!!! love fall and holloween and would love to have some of the displays…ie, the”pumkin wagon”

    thank you!

  2. Sylvia Tomberlin says:

    I love your pictures.

  3. diane says:

    please tell me names of houses in the picture especially one next to house with rocker. looked but could not find it thanks diane

  4. TStoha says:

    The houses in the display on the fireplace mantle are from left to right:

    Haunted Mansion (Snow Village)
    Grimsly Manor (Snow Village – this is the one with the rocker) Satis Manor (Dickens Village – this is part of the Literary Classics series – Great Expectations)

  5. Reece says:

    Your displays are beautiful. I’ve been slowly creating my own and yours is a definite inspiration. I was wondering where the shack from Image #6 came from? Thanks!

  6. Diane says:

    Where did you purchase shack in scene 6

  7. TStoha says:

    The shack in the D56 display is It’s Almost Thanksgiving. It’s actually a New England Village accessory set. I had bought it at a long since closed local Christmas store. You can get it on eBay for about $20 ($60 was original retail).

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